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December 7!

Lost and alone, it seemed like I’d been running from my problems forever.

But everything changed when I almost died at the hands of a brutal stranger.

Nobody knows who attacked me or why, but then a long lost relative stepped forward to claim me and swept me away to Smoky Falls, Tennessee.

Turns out my uncle is a reclusive billionaire, and the locals seem to worship the ground he walks on. His only warning: never to venture into the forest after dark.

Enrolled in college, I’m thrilled to experience some normalcy for the first time in my life. Almost immediately, I’m adopted by a trio of friends who seem to run the place—little do I know that these boys are tied to me, and my family, in ways I can’t even begin to fathom. Their friendship is the one bright spot in my new, mysterious life.

Because every night, the dreams are getting worse. Ever since I arrived in Smoky Falls, dark images have haunted my dreams, and I wake, panting, to the sound of howling wolves.

Something out there is calling to me, and it’s only a matter of time until I find out what it is.


Recent and upcoming

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The Alpha Queen Legacy

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Queen Crowned - Book Three - Laurel Night.jpg
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The Mortal Heat  Series

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Vikings & Vengeance  Duet


The Key Collector Series

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