Purity War

Book Two of Mortal Heat,

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Just when things seem settled with their blood-drinking boyfriends, Lucy and Emily discover there’s still much they don’t know about the Vimpiri.


Now that Emily and Todd are paired, Lucy is ready to lose herself in that first euphoric bite from Mick. She offered herself to him, and his surprising rejection stung. Could there be more going on than she knows? 


Emily develops impressive new powers, and suddenly her relationship with Todd has more consequences than she knew. Another trip to the alien enclave in Austria reveals there’s far more at stake than anyone could have imagined.

The Mortal Heat series is a fresh take on the legend of vampires with a sci-fi twist. Dive in and discover a world rich in adventure and romance.

Praise for Mortal Flight Part One: The Discovery


"A thrilling adventure of intrigue and mystery in a fantastically rich historical setting. Laurel Night is an exciting new voice."

Acclaimed Author Lela Fox


"Wonderful book. It kept me wanting to know what happens next."


 Amazon reviewer

The Mortal Heat  Series

Lucy and Emily discover that vampires aren't what they expected in this sci-fi fantasy adventure.

Just when everything seemed settled, another challenge faces Lucy and Emily among the Vimpiri.

Early 2020

Sometimes a perfect society hides a deadly secret. The thrilling conclusion of the trilogy!


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