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Key of Spies, Book 2 in the Key Collector Series, releases February 24th!

The secret is out - there are many magical keys in the world.

And I’m not the only one who knows.

The hooded man has come after me, and I’m worried about the other key holders - let alone their powerful keys.

Bastien and I begin the arduous process of trying to find - and warn - the others, but it’s more difficult than we thought.

Even if we’re sure, how do you ask someone if they possess a magical key?

Hedging our bets, we hone in on someone we suspect of having one of the keys from my father’s list.


But how do we get her to trust us with the truth?


Key of Spies is the second in a new series of exciting urban fantasy novels featuring a clever, sword-wielding heroine, endless mysteries to solve, pulse-pounding action, and a brand-new magical system in the gritty underworld of thievery and murder. The first three novels in this extended world will release in January through March of 2022.

Expected release dates:

Key of Magic: Out now!

Key of Spies: February 24th

Key of Disguises: March 2022

The Alpha Queen Legacy

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The Mortal Heat  Series

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Key Collector Series

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