The Mortal Heat Series

The trilogy is complete March 8th 2020


Here's what readers are saying:

"Fascinating and Addictive! When I picked up this book, I thought it was just another vampire story. Imagine my delight when I discovered how wrong I was! Forget what you knew about vampires."—Reena, Amazon Reviewer

intensely good, fast-paced storyline is a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, suspense, and sparks flying wildly in equal measure to keep you holding on and reading to the last page and anticipating the next book.” —Chef Rose, Amazon reviewer

“The story was excellent. It had 
suspense, intrigue, emotion, hot chemistry and romance.  —Marie F., Amazon reviewer

"This was not at ALL like other vampire books. This was definitely vampires with a huge twist. So unique!! It kept me guessing from start to reveal. I finished this book and went straight for book 2 and finished it in a day. Such a fun syfy/vampire read!! --Christy H, Amazon reviewer

Emily’s surprising pregnancy calmed the threat of battle in the Austrian enclave, but it didn’t end the war. Events that began centuries before the Vimpiri abandoned their home come to light, and reveal a plot that has nothing to do with humanity.

Mick says he’s ready to pair for eternity, but his continued hesitation makes me question his commitment to me. Now, with a possible rival on the scene, I’m craving his bite more than ever. Even if I have to take matters into my own hands, I’ll get his fangs in me soon.

Escalating tensions lead to battles, heartache, and shocking revelations centuries in the making. Don’t miss the epic finale of the Mortal Heat series, Dying Star!

Mortal Heat is a fresh take on the legend of vampires.

Dying Star is Book 3 in the Mortal Heat Series

The Mortal Heat Series

Lucy and her best friend Emily discover that vampires aren't what they thought in this breathtaking urban fantasy.

Just when everything seemed settled, another challenge faces Lucy and Emily among the Vimpiri.

Sometimes a perfect society hides a deadly secret. The thrilling conclusion of the trilogy!

Mortal Flight Part One: The Discovery


What’s more dangerous: Enemy aircraft, or a vampire boyfriend?

In the summer of 1945, Geri Hayes is a talented female pilot who never saw war. That is, until a mysterious stranger offers her a dangerous opportunity that is too good to pass up, and makes Geri wonder: How far is too far?

Factory life in her small New York town took on a depressing regularity for a pilot who dreams of soaring through the stars. A chance encounter introduces Geri to James, whose alluring eyes and irresistible mystery soon have her head over heels in an unexpected romance.

The relationship takes a surprising turn when James offers Geri the one thing she craves more than love: The opportunity to explore the unknown. The offer comes with a shocking revelation, and a price. Will Geri decide to pursue her dreams, or will the cost be too high?

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