Midnight Sun

Book One of the Mortal Heat series

When I began my journalism career, I had no idea I’d be chasing a vampire halfway around the world.

But I have to—my best friend Emily is enamored with a rock god, and I'm pretty sure he's not human.

After scoring backstage passes at a Mortal Heat concert, things get weird fast. My independent, fun-loving bestie is suddenly obsessed with the alluring lead singer Todd, and strangely averse to daytime.

The bizarre marks on her neck confirm my impossible suspicions—vampires don't actually exist, do they? As my best friend pushes me away, I vow to get her back, even if it means taking down a blood-sucking rock star.

The only thing in my way is the charming stage manager Mick, who manages Todd's schedule and the band’s endless stream of groupies. My desire for him is a distraction I don’t need. Plus, I'm certain he's lying to me, and the secrets he’s keeping have deadly consequences. Can I save my best friend from the jaws of death, or will going after her get both of us killed?

Mortal Heat is a fresh take on the legend of vampires with a sci-fi twist. Dive in and discover a world rich in adventure and romance. Download now!

Praise for Mortal Flight Part One: The Discovery


"A thrilling adventure of intrigue and mystery in a fantastically rich historical setting. Laurel Night is an exciting new voice."

Acclaimed Author Lela Fox


"Wonderful book. It kept me wanting to know what happens next."


 Amazon reviewer

The Mortal Heat  Series

Lucy and her best friend Emily discover that vampires aren't what they expected in this sci-fi fantasy adventure.

Just when everything seemed settled, another challenge faces Lucy and Emily among the Vimpiri.

Sometimes a perfect society hides a deadly secret. The thrilling conclusion of the trilogy!


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