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Wolf Shunned

Wolf shunned - Laurel Night.jpg

It’s amazing to be a powerful wolf… if you’re male.

When you’re a nineteen year-old girl who can beat the crap out of every wolf in your pack, suddenly it’s not so great.

Love isn’t everything, I know; but even the most powerful she-wolf submits to her mate. If you can’t be beaten, you can’t be mated.

And an unmated wolf has no place in the pack.

My one hope is the clan gathering in the Blackwood Fortress. Every wolf in the continent attends, and a few seriously sexy wolves catch my eye. I’m bound to find at least one who can match me, right?

Then there’s my other problem: My pack leader is a grade-A jerk. After treating me like a genetic freak my whole life, he suddenly decides to stake a claim. But I can’t refuse the challenge, and my wolf won’t back down. Either I submit to the pack leader and become mated to his skeezy pelt, or I win the challenge and my freedom… by taking his place as pack leader.

Only no one has ever heard of a female pack leader, and if I become one, I’ll never find a mate.

Pack Dreams

Pack Dreams.jpg

Lost and alone, it feels like I’ve been running from my problems forever.

But everything changes when I almost died at the hands of a brutal stranger.

Nobody knows who attacked me or why, but then a long lost relative steps forward to claim me and sweeps me away to Smoky Falls, Tennessee.

Turns out my uncle is a reclusive billionaire, and the locals seem to worship the ground he walks on. His only warning: never to venture into the forest after dark.

Enrolled in college, I’m thrilled to experience some normalcy for the first time in my life. Almost immediately, I’m adopted by a trio of friends who seem to run the place—little do I know that these boys are tied to me, and my family, in ways I can’t even begin to fathom. Their friendship is the one bright spot in my new, mysterious life.

Because every night, the dreams are getting worse. Ever since I arrived in Smoky Falls, dark images have haunted my dreams, and I wake, panting, to the sound of howling wolves.

Something out there is calling to me, and it’s only a matter of time until I find out what it is.

Secrets Kill

secrets kill new.jpg

I’ve never been one to stand out.

As a CSI in Miami, I’ve always been more comfortable in cargo pants and a polo shirt than dresses and stilettos.

But now the sister I never knew existed has turned up dead, and I find myself wondering: is this who I was meant to be, or just who I’ve let myself become?

I can’t tell the detective I’m secretly in love with about the murderous thoughts plaguing me. The ones that tell me to get revenge for my sister's death, to kill the monsters who got away with her murder.

But the hot twins who were like brothers to her understand, and despite the dangers, they’re willing to help me.

My sweet and nerdy coworker knows something’s up, but it’s hard to know how far his affection for me will last in the face of my illegal activities.

As things heat up, both in my bedroom and in murders to solve on the Miami club scene, I have to ask myself:

Will I go back to the old, quiet Kate in cargo pants?

Or is the dangerous new me here to stay?

Valkyrie Fallen

Valkyrie Fallen.jpg

There are some fates worse than death…

Trust me, I’ve lived them all. As an immortal being, I’ve been around for thousands of years.

My single aim? To avoid becoming a deadly weapon at the hands of a corrupt Odin.

Unfortunately, I can’t run forever. And when he catches up to me, he forces me back in time for a do-over.

Stuck in the age of the vikings, I find it hard to give up modern conveniences, but even harder to lose the only things I had going for me: my free will and the armor that gives me my special brand of Valkyrie magic.

I've found three men who want to soothe my wounded soul, yet I struggle to put my trust in any man. I refuse to let Odin win, but what do I do when the only way to victory is to give up my most prized possession: my heart?

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