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Would you like to read the first chapter of Scent of Deception?

I am so excited for this project... For those of you who signed up from my newsletter you already got this peek!

So here is here's a first peek...


The glittering opulence of the San Francisco Omega Prep Academy was on full display for all the world to see, the party exactly as over-the-top as I’d imagined. Raven and I walked through the antique double doors to discover crystal chandeliers, flickering candlelight, vases of fresh-cut flowers and polished marble floors.

The floral scent of omegas floated on the cool coastal breeze, mixed with the spicier aromas of the attending alphas. It was a fancy party, but everyone knew the truth: All here were part of the hunt.

Alphas the hunters, and omegas the prey.

After relentlessly guilting my little sister into letting me attend as her guest, my excitement for this occasion had grown incessantly for weeks. I bought a gown, arranged the trip from the northern hell hole my parents had banished me to, and even bought all the things I needed to blend in with a crowd of omegas.

As far as anyone knew I was an omega already, just attending a fancy European omega prep school because I was ‘too well known’ in the states. Sometimes celebrities, or kids of celebrities, did actually study abroad for privacy. I didn’t think I was really that famous, but Mama felt it was a reasonable excuse that people would believe.

It wasn’t unheard of for a born omega to fail manifestation and end up as a beta. People would understand, we all knew it happened. In any other family, I might have been allowed a perfectly normal life, maybe even a happy life, as a beta.

But not in my family.

Mama insisted that all of her girls, her ‘lucky seven’ as she called us, were all destined to be as fruitful as she was. All born omegas, all given special names to set us apart from the crowd. Of course Mama didn’t know I was here. She and my dads were off at another fundraiser on the other side of the country, which is how Raven and I were able to pull this little visit off.

I was so excited to get a taste of society once more, and even though I wouldn’t be in the spotlight this time I was honestly just happy to get out and enjoy a party. Fun times were few and far between at Brookhaven Community College in eastern Washington state. And it was as gorgeous of a party as I’d expected. However, my enjoyment wasn’t what I thought it would be..."

Did you love it as much as I am loving creating these characters and world? Want to see this pop up on your kindle as soon as its LIVE ... click below!

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