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Secret Kills Final Sneak Peek

Finally, here is your next Sneak Peek of Secrets Kill

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As always, please remember that this is a sneak peek and subject to change with editing.

Secrets Kill - Sneak Peek 3

The drive was pretty, but punctuated with a lifted bridge and way too much traffic. Autumn and her apparent roommates lived in Aventura, a far nicer area than I could ever hope to occupy. Close to the beach and lots of the coastal attractions, but not quite as expensive as nearby Sunny Isles where almost everyone was on the water and condos started close to a million bucks—I won’t even speculate how much some of the massive, modern houses with private docks were valued at.

My GPS led me to a nice condo complex close to the Aventura Mall that featured well-maintained stucco, lots of lush tropical landscaping, and terra-cotta roof tiles.

I passed myself off as ‘police department’ to the gate guard—he was too interested in the Miami Heat game to realize the ID I showed him wasn’t exactly a police badge—and he called the apartment occupants to let them know I was coming.

Following the GPS, I parked in front of a building identical to the rest, and climbed the stairs to reach unit 203. For some reason my heart felt as if it were about to pound out of my chest.

I had never been here, never seen my sister’s things, where she lived, or really met any of the people in her life. I maintained my professional distance from the case, keeping my involvement to processing the crime scene thoroughly. Aside from my sneaky DNA test, I’d kept my nose clean.

But now that I was about to dive off the deep end, I realized I was terrified of what I would find.

Hesitating, I dallied on the doorstep with one arm raised, gathering the courage to hit the door with my knuckles and toss myself down the rabbit hole.

The door swung inward suddenly, startling me into an absolutely frozen state as I stared at the man who answered before I knocked.

“Look, I don’t know what else you guys could possibly need, but would you mind…” he began in a lightly accented, annoyed tone, before he trailed off completely and his eyes locked on mine.

It was definitely one of the guys I’d seen in the court room. Obviously latino, with satiny black hair, warm skin, and dark, flashing eyes. He had a very short beard, perhaps a week’s worth of growth or slightly more, that he kept impeccably trimmed.

Everything about this man was sharp, from the edge of his beard to the corner of his jaw. He’d obviously been in the middle of getting dressed for an event, as his crisp tuxedo shirt was half buttoned.

“Mierda… Autumn?” He swore softly in Spanish before uttering the name that sent my heart skittering again.

“Um, no…” I cleared my throat, attempting to reassemble my thoughts after the complete devastation wrought by the sudden appearance of this breathtaking man. “I work for the Miami-Dade police department, and… I think Autumn was my sister.” I finished on a whisper.

“Miguel, diles que se vayan a la mierda, tenemos llegar a’l fiesta en media hora,” an annoyed voice called from behind him.

“Diego, cállate y ven aquí!” The man, obviously Miguel, shouted back.

Anticipation built in my chest. I heard the slap of men’s dress shoes on the shiny marble floor that spread out behind Miguel, and sure enough, seconds later a carbon copy of the sexy man in front of me appeared. This one was cleanly shaved, his inky hair slightly shorter, and his tuxedo completely in place with even the bowtie perfectly knotted.

“Puta Madre, Autumn?! Que carajo…” he shoved his brother out of the way, then stopped when he got closer. “No, not Autumn. But I remember you. In the court room, yes? You wore that horrid cheap suit that made you look like a reporter from a spider man movie.”

Miguel snapped his fingers, dark eyes lighting up. “Oye, you’re right. She had her hair down, half covering her face the entire time. I remember thinking a different hair style and some highlighter would work wonders… such a fair skin tone! With her hair pulled back like this she looks so much like Autumn, it shocked me for a second. But now… yes. The woman from the courthouse in the cheap suit. You should burn it, honey, put us all out of our misery.”

My attraction to these impossibly handsome men soured in my stomach. Of course they would find nothing in me attractive, I was plain, makeup free, and wearing cargo pants. If they thought I was that unfortunate in my best suit, I didn’t want to know what they thought of my daily look.

“My name is Kate. I’m here because I think Autumn was my sister,” I said again. “I mean, I know she was. I compared our blood and it’s a match. Obviously you can see the resemblance. Now that the court case is over, I wanted to find out more about her life. I was hoping you guys could help me?”

Diego glanced at his brother, who tapped a very expensive watch and tilted his head meaningfully. “We’d love to chat about Autumn… what happened to her was fucking horrible. But we have somewhere to be and we’re already kind of late. Could we get a rain check? Tomorrow afternoon would be good.”

My heart lurched in gratitude. “Yes, tomorrow is great. Absolutely, just tell me what time and I’ll be here. Or do you want to meet somewhere else?”

“Just come back here, we’ll let the gate know to let you in. Say one o’clock? We’ll have lunch ready.”

“Okay, yeah, thank you I’ll be here. Can I bring anything?”

Miguel chuckled. “Yeah, bring that suit, we have a barbecue out back.”

“Funny,” I replied drily. “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks again!”

“Goodbye, Kate,” Diego smiled and Miguel half-smirked by way of farewell, before they began speaking in rapid Spanish to each other as the door closed between us.

It wasn’t much, but it was a foot in the door of my sister’s life.

One small step forward.


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