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Scent of Deception ....

I am wrapping Scent of Deception and shipped it off to my ARC team this past week.

Hurray! I know it's been awhile since I finished a book, but I'm so grateful you've stuck around. I have a lot coming at you through the rest of the year!

The first book in the series, Secrets & Seduction by SK Reign, came out August 1st and has been doing well.

The second book, Knotty Lessons by Ginna Moran, releases Monday August 15th.. check it out here!

Use this link to check out the entire series - (US only) don't forget one book will release every two weeks and mine is Aug 29 (For non-US, use the button for Scent of Deception to access the series in your region)

Of course, I know you're curious about the happenings in my Patreon.. this month I will start a patron-only story under my LJ Night pen name... perhaps next Newsletter I'll provide a sneaky peeky... stay tuned!

That's all I have for you this week. Please take a moment to check out the two guest author books below, and thanks again for all of your support!

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