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Patreon ... Yay or Nay? Give me your thoughts!

Now for those of you wondering what is Patreon, it is a platform that supports the content created specifically by that one creator, for the purpose of this post the creator is me. The idea is to receive exclusive content/videos and etc that would not be found elsewhere.

As a member of Patreon most creators give you extra perks, maybe that is sneak peek of chapters, covers or upcoming releases ... simply put content that wouldn't simply be available in my reader group.

What that exclusive content is, well, at this moment it is still up for debate; however, this would allow for outside purchase of my books (meaning not just on Amazon).

So, I make no promises what that content might look like, I'm simply putting up some feelers to see what my reader base thinks of this idea!

Would you take a minute to let me know your thoughts? I'd love to know if you're interested and what you'd like to see.

As a thank you for taking the time, I'll select one person who answers to win an ebook of their choice from my collection - including an ARC of either Secrets Kill or Pack Dreams! Take the survey here.

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