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There are two things that keep me going, day in and day out:

The first is solving my father’s murder.

The second? Protecting his magical legacy.

All I have left of him is some old photos and a strange family heirloom that allows me to travel through time—an heirloom that could be the key to solving everything. But others want to steal it- to use it for nefarious purposes and leave me stuck in a ti

me that’s not my own. I can’t avenge my father alone, but everyone I come across in my travels is a suspect. Which begs the question: how can I help put my father’s memory to rest without meeting my own untimely end?

Key of Magic is the first in a new series of exciting urban fantasy novels featuring a clever, sword-wielding heroine, endless mysteries to solve, pulse-pounding action, and a

brand-new magical system in the gritty underworld of thievery and murder. The first three novels in this extended world will release January through March of 2022.

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