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Key of Spies Sneak Peek!

Hi friend-

I'm super excited to dive back into the world of The Key Collector and hopefully bring you along for the ride!

Key of Magic, book 1 of The Key Collector is only 99 cents, and it's also available to read in Kindle Unlimited... hooray! Use this link to get your copy.

Key of Disguises, book 3 in the The Key Collector series, is up for pre-order now. Sales and pre-orders are how I know readers are interested in my books.

I understand that sometimes people are hesitant to start a series until the entire thing is out, so let me give you a little insight -

I want The Key Collector series to be long. LONG. I'm envisioning around fifteen books! But if its not making money, I have to scale back and put my effort to places where I'll see a return on my investment, which means I may cut the story much shorter than I'd like to.

If you pre-order a book, you don't get charged for it until release day, and it also lets me know readers are enjoying the story. So with that said, even if you choose to wait on reading until the first three books are out, I'd ask you to consider purchasing Key of Spies and pre-ordering Key of Disguises.

Pre-order Key of Disguises now

In case you missed this bonus, I have a special download exclusively for my newsletter subscribers! Although I caution you, it MAY be a bit of a spoiler so read Key of Magic before you open the bonus!

You can download that here

Here's a little taste of Key of Spies to get you started... and make sure you go all the way to the bottom for the giveaways!



Key of Spies, Chapter 1:

“Shh, Bastien, for Christ’s sake, is this your first time?”

“Yes, Belle, as a matter of fact, I am a time-traveling virgin.”

“Well, it’s not the first time you’ve broken into a house for the express purpose of thievery, so you should know enough to avoid making a racket,” I hissed.

“Fine, I’ll zip it. It’s just cool, okay? I’ve never used anyone’s key but my own.”

Even in the inky shadows, I could see Bastien’s sapphire eyes brimming with excitement.

We’d traveled back eighteen months in a scarcely used New York penthouse to locate an expensive trinket: A massive ruby the size of a baby’s fist, supposedly charmed to bring the owner good fortune.

Unfortunately for this owner, his lucky streak was about to end.

I opened the bathroom door carefully, the magic in my key pulsing as I withdrew it from the lock and tucked it back under my shirt. The loft on the other side was dark and appeared exactly the same as the future apartment.

“Did it work?” Bastien asked, his breath in my ear setting my teeth on edge.

“Yes, it worked. Will you shut up already?”

“How can you tell?”

“Ugh, I just know Bastien, okay? The portal is there; we’re looking into the past. When we walk through, you will feel the magic. Now hand me that box to prop the door open.”

Bastien obliged, and once the door was secure I passed through the magical doorway, ignoring the almost-painful, bone-deep tingles that always accompanied the trip back through time.

I paused in the hallway, then turned back to realize Bastien was still standing in the bathroom, solidly on the ‘future’ side. “Are you coming?” I whispered, perplexed by his sudden hesitation.

“Yeah, I… yeah.” He wiped his palms on his pants, then scrunched his eyes closed as if expecting to be shot the second he stepped through. When he emerged on my side, his eyes reopened in wonder. “Was that it? Did I just time-travel?”

“Yes, you dork. Now let’s go get the necklace and get out of here. Okay? We’ve only got about thirty minutes before the original thief turns up.”

“Okay. According to the file, it’s in an unlocked jewelry drawer in the master closet.”

“I know. I read the file too, you know. And this is my assignment. I just brought you along because you were so damned curious.”

“I know Belle, okay? Sheesh. Take it easy.” Bastien’s hands flew up in surrender, and I turned back around, making my way toward the master suite of the trendy loft.

I’d memorized the floor plan of the house, so it didn’t take me long to locate. My fingers were just pulling the drawer containing the target necklace open when Bastien’s voice made me jump.

“Is it weird to think that right now, somewhere out there, are the past versions of ourselves?”

“No,” I sighed, continuing to open the drawer smoothly. There was no one here, and no alarm system to worry about since we were already inside, but I couldn’t fight ten years of training. It was better to be as silent as possible, even when no one was there, than to be lazy, make noise, and get caught.

The giant ruby gleamed darkly in the black velvet drawer, its facets catching stray beams of light from the giant windows. I pulled a velvet pouch from my pocket, carefully lifting the necklace by the chain and lowering it inside. A faint wave of magic washed over my skin; not the prickling, evil kind, but a light wash of tingles.

Definitely a good spell, not a curse.

Once the necklace was tucked neatly in my pocket, I closed the drawer again and made a shooing gesture to get Bastien out of the closet and moving back to the bathroom.

“Wait, that’s it?” He looked confused. Now that we were back in the hallway, I could see his features much more clearly. The proud nose, full lips, and flashing blue eyes topped with a mop of sandy hair.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I ignored my heart’s tremor as I stared up at him with one eyebrow raised. “What were you expecting, a dance party? We’re here to steal a necklace, we stole it. It’s time to go.”

“Yeah, I just… I dunno, I imagined traveling through time I’d have more time to… Check things out, I guess.”

“What do you want to check out, Bastien? The only difference between now and eighteen months in the future is that there are clothes in this closet, and, in…” I glanced down at my watch, “twenty-three minutes the original thief is going to come in looking for this necklace. I’d rather not be here when he turns up. Feel me?”

The disappointment was plain on his face. “Yeah, fine, you’re right.” He turned to the bathroom and stepped back through the portal, his shoulders sagging.

Great, now I felt like an asshole.

“Look,” I whispered, stepping back into the future myself, “how about I open up a portal at some point so we can just go for the sole purpose of ‘checking things out.’ Would that be good?”

“Yeah, that would be awesome, Belle.” Bastien’s grin returned immediately.

“Okay, I’ll work something out. Just keep in mind it’s the same world you already lived in. It’s not like we’re going back to Medieval Times or something. There’s nothing new or exciting about it, except that you’ve already been there once.”

“Yeah, I know.” He accepted the box I’d used as a door prop, and I closed the door while he returned the item to its place on the counter.

We exited the empty apartment, which was now an Airbnb that we’d rented for the night. We could have spent the night, but personally I’d much rather sleep in my own bed, and it was still early.

“Hey Bastien,” I commented casually, “after we drop this necklace off for Milly, how would you feel about heading down to the dojo for a spar?”

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