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Key of Disguises cover reveal!

Hi friend- The release of Key of Spies is rapidly approaching, but that's not all the news I have for you!

Up first, above you see the Key of Disguises cover reveal! Set to release at the end of May, Maribel and Bastien's adventures continue!

Two, see below for the cover reveal and pre-order link for my new contemporary reverse harem standalone story, set in a shared world with some of your favorite authors! Three, Key of Spies releases on Monday, and I'll send out a special newsletter on the 28th with a release giveaway... make sure you check it out! Once Key of Spies is out, my next project is Valkyrie Risen, book two in the Vikings & Vengeance duet... pre-order your copy now!

Welcome to the twisted, addictive world of the Society of Secrets! Beneath the glamorous parties and glittering extravagance of Miami lay a dark world of murder, drugs, and corruption. After four years of hard work at the University of Miami, I scored a position with the city’s most sought-after architect. My first day on the job I attract the surprising attention of the three Vargas brothers. They’d never deigned to notice me in school, but suddenly I am the object of their lavish affection. Elegant parties, gifts of jewelry and flowers, luxurious trips on their family yacht—it’s almost as if they’re competing over me. Why, I certainly have no idea. Then, one night the curtain slips, and I see just what happens in the back room of those shimmering parties, and how the Vargas family have ruled over Miami for decades. Terrified, I know with certainty that one of two things will happen: Either I become theirs, beholden to them and immersed in their world of wealth and privilege for the rest of my life. Or no one will ever hear from me again. Enter the dazzling shared world of the Society of Secrets, where each book is standalone and doesn't end on a cliffhanger. Click the button below and grab your copy today!

Other books in the series:

ELITE by Rosemary A Johns

FAME by Ginna Moran

LUXE by Melissa Adams

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