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It's Release Time!!

Hi Friends,

I'm pleased to announce that Part One of Mortal Flight is up for download - free! Check out this beautiful cover, and the description (and download link) below!

Mortal Flight Part One: The Discovery

In the summer of 1945, Geri Hayes is a talented female pilot who never saw war. That is, until a mysterious stranger offers a dangerous opportunity that’s too good to pass up, and makes Geri wonder: How far is too far?

Factory life in her small New York town became a depressing regularity for a pilot who dreams of soaring through the stars. A chance encounter introduces Geri to James, whose alluring eyes and imaginative conversation soon have her head over heels in an unexpected romance.

The relationship takes a surprising turn when James offers Geri the one thing she craves more than love: The opportunity for adventure. The offer comes with a shocking revelation, and a price. Will Geri pursue her dreams, or is the cost too high?

This is the Part One of Mortal Flight, the prequel to the Mortal Heat series.

Both stories take place in the same world, but are standalone story lines.

Mortal Flight is a free novel to be released in three parts. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive Parts Two and Three free!

Mortal Heat is a fresh take on the legend of vampires with a sci-fi twist. Download now and discover a world rich in adventure and romance.

Click here to get your free copy now!

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