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Hey, I got interviewed!

Hi Friends,

An interview makes me feel pretty, oh so pretty!

So as soon as I knew I wanted to take writing seriously, I decided to get involved in Facebook groups to network with other authors as well as readers. I have been participating a great group, the Fantasy Sci-Fi Readers Lounge, for several months. They recently reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in an interview...of course I said yes!

Definitely go check out the group, it's a great place to get the latest on new Sci-Fi and Fantasy releases of all genres, as well as to hobnob with a ton of great authors who regularly stop in and do take-overs. If you like to have the opportunity to chat with authors, this is the place for you!

Here's a link to the interview, posted to the blog of Ms. Kasper Beaumont, one of the admins of the group:

My interview on Hunters of Reloria

And here's a shortcut to the group if you'd like to check it out! Just click the pic, ya'll.

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