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Have you read Scent of Deception? What did you think?

For my first foray into Omegaverse, I'm pretty happy with the overall response to the book, and the Bonds of Steele series seems to be doing well. In fact, the most recent book in the series, Lethal Heat by Alex Lidell and May Dawson released Monday!

Use this link to check out the entire series - (US only) don't forget mine is only the third of six! (For non-US, use the button for Scent of Deception to access the series in your region)!

Don't forget the last book in the Bonds of Steele series is a co-write I'm working on with SK

Reign and Ginna Moran. You will be rooting for our Forbidden Alpha for the entire book... don't miss out!

Here is the blurb: Everyone knows that good omegas lead perfect privileged lives. But I’m not a good omega... I’m a female alpha, and my entire life up to this point has been a lie.

It took a horrifying accident to finally reveal my true nature, and as a result I’ve been shipped off to a special reformatory school for dangerous criminals: alphas who need to be fixed if they ever hope to rejoin society.

The guilt over what I did eats me alive, but it’s hardly my fault. Female alphas are rare and my own mother kept it a secret… even from me. This fancy cage is my last chance to have a life, but it can never be the one I wanted for myself.

Now I’ve got one year at Alpha Academy. One year to get a grip on my anger issues. One year to prove my worth, and perhaps… One year to put some wickedly hot men in their place.

Maybe this won’t be so bad, after all.

Click the link below and pre-order this gem now.

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