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Book News!

It has been a busy couple of weeks here! I know it always seems like the lead-in to the holidays are a rollercoaster that just gets faster and faster every year, but it's really been a wild one! Between my duties on base, finishing Pack Dreams, and trying to fit in all the holiday fun with my kiddo, it's been a lot. But a lot of fun. OMG I have sooooo much I have to share with you, so let's dive in! :) Onward to book news!

First, as you saw above I got a new cover for the boxed set of the Alpha Queen Legacy! The previous one was pretty, but I think this one suits the story much better. The new cover will go up early in the new year. And, I'm giving away a copy of the complete boxed set... Just use this link and answer three questions to win! Third, have you picked up Pack Dreams yet? The response so far has been great. here's a couple of reviews from Amazon: "I absolutely loved this book! Layla's story grips you from the beginning and pulls you in with all the emotions. It keeps you guessing and wanting more. I can't wait for more of Layla!" "I really enjoyed the sweet adventure Layla had started with her three fated mates, Landon, Mulo. And Jared. She suddenly finds herself off the street with an instant family and inheritance after she is attacked while living ad a teen on the streets. The slow-burn friendship-towards-more is adorable and the progress Layla makes toward being an alpha is steady. Everything is settling in well when there is a huge cliffhanger! I can't wait to see how the second book goes!" Ready to dive in? Check it out here!

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