I have a stand-alone in a shared omegaverse world releasing August 22!

I was raised to live a pampered life, and now it can never be mine.

As the omega who never manifested, I became the family secret. That is, until a wealthy alpha makes me a deal: Marry him and pretend to be his pack omega so he receives his inheritance. After six months, I’ll get my money and live out the rest of my life in peace.

But the deception is wearing thin—someone knows I’m not who I pretend to be. The threats to expose us get more intense, bringing my temporary mates and I even closer.

And as I start to see just how hard they're willing to fight for me, I find myself asking: Is this the happily ever after I’ve been searching for?

Get ready to meet the Steele sisters in the Bonds of Steele omegaverse series world. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order. 


The Alpha Queen Legacy

Wolf shunned - Laurel Night.jpg
Pack Claimed - Laurel Night.jpg
Queen Crowned - Book Three - Laurel Night.jpg
Book four - Wolf shunned - Laurel Night eBook.jpg

The Mortal Heat  Series

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Purity War Kindle High Res.jpg
Dying Star Kindle High Res.jpg

Vikings & Vengeance  Duet


The Key Collector Series

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Key of Spies 4x6.jpg