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Key of Magic

A magical key, a sassy mouth, and wicked ninja skills have made me a legend among thieves.

I can unlock the past and steal anything, anytime, anywhere.

But solving my father’s murder? Two years later I still have zero leads.

Thanks to my father’s debt, The Thieve’s Guild has me working shady jobs that bring me no closer to the truth. Instead, I’ve got my hands full with dangerous magical artifacts and my ex-turned-rival who is desperate to see me fail.

Nineteen years in this world of magic and thievery have taught me to trust no one. But I can’t do this alone, and if I don’t figure out who spilled my father’s blood, there’s a good chance I’ll be the next one to turn up dead.

The clock is ticking, and the only thing I can’t steal is more time.

Key of Magic is the first book in The Key Collector series, a gripping urban fantasy with a dark new world of magic and mystery you’ll devour. 

Key of Magic is set to release October 14, 2020. Meanwhile, you can get a copy of The Magic Thief, prequel to The Key Collector Series, free!

Wolf Shunned


It’s amazing to be a dominant wolf… if you’re male.


When you’re a seventeen year old girl who can beat the crap out of every wolf in your pack, suddenly it’s not so great. Love isn’t everything, I know; but even the most powerful she-wolf submits to her mate. If you can’t be dominated, you can’t be mated. Period.


My one hope is the clan gathering in the Blackwood Forest. Every wolf in the continental Americas attends, and a few seriously sexy wolves catch my eye. I’m bound to find at least one who can best me, right?


Then there’s my other problem: My alpha is a grade-A dick. After treating me like a genetic freak my whole life, he suddenly decides to stake a claim. 


But I can’t refuse the challenge, and my wolf won’t back down. Either I submit to the alpha and become mated to his skeezy pelt, or I win the challenge and my freedom… by taking his place as alpha. 


Only no one has ever heard of a female alpha, and if I become one, I’ll never find a mate.


Wolf Shunned is the first book in The Alpha Queen Legacy, featuring a badass heroine, a dark fantasy world, and loads of handsome wolf shifters. Be warned: Once you pick this story up, you won’t be able to stop devouring it until the very last page.

Wolf Shunned doesn't yet have a release date - stay tuned!

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