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Secrets Kill

Everyone has secrets, but sometimes… secrets kill.


I didn’t know I had a sister until I walked into a crime scene and saw my own lifeless face staring back at me. Horrified, I still did my job and collected evidence to nail the men responsible.

Despite overwhelming proof that a group of rich Miami elites had tortured and murdered her for kicks, it turned out no one cared about the life of one high-end escort. The very system I worked for and trusted failed me.

And it failed her.

They. Walked. Free.

In the face of such injustice, a fire for revenge started deep in my gut.

Turns out, I’m not alone. Both the sexy case detective and my fellow CSI will do anything to help me, not to mention my sister’s twin friends. With their support, I’ve formed a plan to catch and punish her killers.

They deserved to pay for what they did.

One by one, I'll uncover their secrets.


And then? I will avenge her.


Secrets Kill is the first book in the Avenge Her series. Fans of Dexter, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and Single White Female will love this mix of mystery, police thriller, and dark romance. Reader be warned: This is a slow-build reverse harem romance, that includes murder, foul language, and sexual content.

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Pack Dreams

One year ago…

I was homeless, practically feral after running away from my abusive foster parents. A near-tragedy became the best thing that ever happened to me: After barely surviving a brutal attack, I discovered I had a long-lost uncle who came forward to claim me.

And now…

I finally arrive at my new home: Smoky Falls, where my uncle is a reclusive billionaire and the locals seem to worship the ground he walks on.

His only warning: never venture into the forest after dark.

Enrolled in college, I’m just thrilled to experience some normalcy for the first time in my life. Almost immediately, I’m adopted by a trio of friends who seem to run the place—little do I know that these boys are tied to me, and my family, in ways I can’t even begin to fathom.


Their friendship is the one bright spot in my new, mysterious life.

Because every night, the dreams are getting worse. Ever since I arrived in Smoky Falls, dark images have haunted my dreams, and I wake, panting, to the sound of howling wolves.


Something out there is calling to me, and it’s only a matter of time until I find out what it is.


Welcome to the twisted, addictive world of the Society of Secrets! Beneath the glamorous parties and glittering extravagance of Miami lay a dark world of murder, drugs, and corruption.

After four years of hard work at the University of Miami, I scored a position with the city’s most sought-after architect.

My first day on the job I attract the surprising attention of the three Vargas brothers. They’d never deigned to notice me in school, but suddenly I am the object of their lavish affection.

Elegant parties, gifts of jewelry and flowers, luxurious trips on their family yacht—it’s almost as if they’re competing over me. Why, I certainly have no idea.

Then, one night the curtain slips, and I see just what happens in the back room of those shimmering parties, and how the Vargas family have ruled over Miami for decades.

Terrified, I know with certainty that one of two things will happen: Either I become theirs, beholden to them and immersed in their world of wealth and privilege for the rest of my life.

Or no one will ever hear from me again.

Enter the dazzling shared world of the Society of Secrets, where each book is standalone and doesn't end on a cliffhanger. Click below and grab your copy today!

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Forbidden Alpha

Everyone knows that good omegas lead perfect privileged lives. But I’m not a good omega... I’m a female alpha, and my entire life up to this point has been a lie.

It took a horrifying accident to finally reveal my true nature, and as a result I’ve been shipped off to a special reformatory school for dangerous criminals: alphas who need to be fixed if they ever hope to rejoin society.

The guilt over what I did eats me alive, but it’s hardly my fault.


Female alphas are rare and my own mother kept it a secret… even from me. This fancy cage is my last chance to have a life, but it can never be the one I wanted for myself.

Now I’ve got one year at Alpha Academy.
One year to get a grip on my anger issues.
One year to prove my worth, and perhaps…
One year to put some wickedly hot men in their place.

Maybe this won’t be so bad, after all.

Get ready to meet the Steele sisters in the Bonds of Steele omegaverse series world. Each book is a standalone and can be read in any order. Forbidden Alpha features hot bad boys with an ax to grind, a strong and fiery female lead, and smoldering-hot knotty times. Please read the author’s note for possible triggers.